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Washer Fairy™ About Us

At Washer Fairy, we’re passionate about making life easier and fun! That’s why we invented Washer Fairy! It all started when we realized that if we left clothes in the Washer for too long, clothes would become wrinkly! Not just that, if we left them for too long, and they were still partially wet, then they would get this gross moldy smell! We were sick and tired of having to do laundry all over again because of that disgusting moldy smell, so we decided to make something that dries clothes uniformly! When we invented Washer Fairy, we used high quality wool so we soon realized that it reduces skin irritation from harmful detergents,  removes unwanted hair and lint, and also dries clothes much faster than with Washer sheets. This is when we realized we were onto something special. :)

We Have Full Confidence In Our Product

We offer a full 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Washer Fairy™ products!

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Feel free to contact us anytime: support@Washerfairy.com